Kettlebell Muscle

The Secrets of Compound Kettlebell Lifting—for Faster, More Efficient Gains in Strength and Power

By Geoff Neupert, Master RKC, CSCS
How to Open the Door to INTELLIGENT Hypertrophy Training—

And Build Muscle Mass Fast

In the strength and conditioning world, very few people have the depth and breadth of Geoff Neupert. He’s been there, done that in practically every area of the gym world. If you want a long discussion of rehab work for busted up athletes, Geoff has the certificate, the hands on work and the happy list of successful clients. You want to talk about doing it on the platform, Geoff has the pictures, the trophies and the singlet. You want to swing a kettlebell? See Geoff.

He’s been with the “big kids’ as a Division One Strength Coach and has hands on experience with thousands and thousands of hours of personal training. He has hoisted the big iron and rubbed out cramps on ailing athletes. From entry level athletes to the top end, Geoff has taught, trained and tutored athletes, grandmothers and ancient warriors.

Finally, Geoff is going to be exposed to the wider world with his book, Kettlebell Muscle. Geoff takes the best and brightest ideas from the dungeons, dojos and gyms and puts them all together in one convenient package—for anyone who wants the advanced course in bodybuilding.

For the normal lifter, the act of combining all the loads and volumes and moves and sequences and the rest of the components that add up to a program worthy of the term ‘intelligent’, takes years of hard living in the gym. Geoff’s book will save you this effort.

Kettlebell Muscle is the doorway to intelligent hypertrophy training. It’s a book about building muscle mass fast. Geoff’s clever use of time is the factor for stunning muscle gains. The tools are simple, the moves are simple, the schemes are simple and the results are amazing.

In other words, stop looking for the next wave and jump into Geoff’s methods. You have the answers in your hands. Now, move some iron.”
—Dan John, RKC Team leader, author, Never Let Go, American Record Holder in the Weight Pentathlon, Masters National Champion in discus and Olympic Lifting

What some early-adopters have to say about their results with Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Muscle protocols:

“Geoff Neupert asked me if I would be interested in gaining muscle mass by trying a program that he designed. I said, “Sure’, who wouldn’t right?

Geoff’s double kettlebell complexes are amazing. On January 25th I weighed 173 lbs and had 11.1% body fat. I started Geoff’s program the first week of February. By the end of March I weighed 179 lbs and had 8.3% body fat.

Not only had I gained 5 lbs, I lost almost 3% body fat. But it gets better: Those numbers mean I lost almost 5lbs of fat AND GAINED over 10lbs of muscle! That was cool, but even better for me is that I was stronger and better conditioned. I noticed while working at the fire station and on fire calls, I wasn’t getting tired. Very cool when you consider all my fire gear weighs close to 70lbs. Also, when I renewed my RKC cert in April, the new snatch test was a breeze. The only snatches I had done prior to that were the ones in Geoff’s program. This is crazy when you consider I only spent 45 min to an hour per week training. Many of my sessions lasted fewer than 15 minutes; 15 intense minutes… Double kettlebell complexes rock!

I would recommend Geoff’s program to anyone who wants to lose body fat while gaining muscle. It’s also perfect for the person who doesn’t have a lot of time. Throw in the added benefit of the excellent conditioning this program yields and you’ve got a perfect program!

Thanks Geoff!”—Tim Anderson, RKC II, Professional Fire Fighter, Co-owner of Outstanding Personal Training

“I am extremely pleased with my results using your kettlebell complex [Kettlebell Muscle] workout. With your program working out 3 times per week I was able to shed 6% bodyfat and add 7.5 lbs of lean muscle in only 4 weeks.”—Kevin Hammons, Owner of Xpert Nutrition, Inc., Durham, NC

“Geoff asked me if I’d be willing to test drive a program for his upcoming book Kettlebell Muscle. Thinking he was my friend, I agreed. The workouts were tough, especially at first, but over time they got more bearable (notice I didn’t say easier).

5 weeks later I had dropped 6.4lb of fat and added 1.7lb of lean muscle. I am an experienced kettlebell lifter, with several years of training. Imagine what this program could do for someone with less time under the bells and a full twelve weeks!

It is pretty simple: If you want to add muscle with your kettlebells, follow Geoff’s program, eat a lot and GROW.”—David Whitley, Master RKC

“Finished up the 18 weeks at 191 pounds, solid and hard, much leaner than when I started. I started at 180 pounds and lost 5 pounds of fat while on this program. That’s a net gain of 16 pounds of muscle!

If you are looking for kettlebell program to add size and strength this is the one for you. I had the pleasure/pain of test driving this workout for Geoff. I like him just a little less than when I started. This is a challenging and entertaining workout that will give you back everything you put into it!”—Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC

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